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3 Mistakes Even High-Achieving Couples Make That Hurt Their Connection And Intimacy
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"There's a lot of personal development out there, but not a lot of development for couples. This is the place." - Brian, Mesa
Did you notice that you and your significant other are growing apart as your careers soar? 

Most career-oriented couples forget that success is nothing if there’s no one to share it with. 

You’d like to reconnect with your better half but are struggling to work it out - schedule conflict, work deadlines, different priorities… seems almost impossible to align both of your life achievements and personal fulfillment.

So how can you start growing together?
Discover our three important steps that will bring both of your lives together:
Step #1: Stop arguments before they happen: Learn how to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings using powerful communication tricks (that you’ve never been taught before).

Step #2: Make your careers 'work' for you as a couple: Use our vision-building strategies that will instantly glue your priorities together—as couples should.

Step #3:  Focus on your 'why' as a couple: Develop the right mindset needed so you can focus on the most important parts of your relationship—you and your significant other.

And you’ll learn a lot more, of course!
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Hi, we are The Freeman’s. We help and guide high-achieving partners to become happier and stronger couples.

We, Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman, are relationship coaches. We founded Empowered Couples University so we can:

  • coach high achieving couples to keep the 'flame' burning no matter how busy they get.
  • teach motivated couples how to accomplish all their business, relationship, and life goals together. 
  • help and coach millions of couples to happy and thriving relationships.

Our vision is that relationships are thriving around the world and the divorce rate lowers in our lifetime.
This Webinar Is For You If:
  • You are working on your ability as a couple to communicate and understand each other. They say that open communication and patience are two ingredients for a happier relationship.
  • You want to prioritize your relationship now and stop sacrificing your connection together for career/business success. You’ve already given much of your time to work pursuits to reach the top but as they say, it is lonely in there when you have no one to share it with.
  • Rekindling the passion you once had with each other.  You have one another because of that passion that’s why you became a couple… So don’t lose that feeling but bring it to life once again!
Want to rediscover each other and become the best version of a power couple together?
Join this webinar to keep your relationship happy and thriving!
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